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Feeling like ME again!


HI! My name is Bitsy Keown, I am 43 and I live in Hartselle, Al. This is my Thrive Experience!

I am a mom with two awesome kids and amazing step-daughter! I previously worked as an Accountant, but have enjoyed some time off to be Mom. I thought being home was going to be more “relaxing” than working 45+ hours and trying to raise a family too. How wrong I was!

Before I started Thrive, I was tired all the time, had to MAKE myself do things and have gained a lot of weight. I felt really self-conscious about how I looked and felt.

My friend Ginger asked me one day if I’d like to try Thrive. I said sure and when it arrived, tossed it on my desk. SIX MONTHS later, I was at an event and heard a mom tell someone that she has lost 100 pounds with Thrive. I was like WHAT?!?!? That “stuff” is sitting on my desk. SO the VERY NEXT morning, I started my THRIVE.

DAY ONE: I can officially say, I am a Day One girl. I felt it full force! Hello, why have I not taken this 6 months ago? Mentally kicking myself! I felt so GOOD, I went into my daughter’s disaster area of a room, and completely gutted the whole room. Floors, dressers, closet, you name it. It took me 6 hours to flame throw that room. When I finished, I said OK, what can I do NOW? I was not tired, not exhausted and wanted to do MORE!!

DAY TWO: Repeat of Day one Other than it was my son’s room that met my new found Thrive energy.

Day THREE: I felt AMAZING!! So what did I do you ask?? Decided to redesign my sunroom into a craft room! Something I have always wanted for myself. Moved furniture, brought in my crafts and organized them. I decided on this day, Thrive was going to be a permanent part of my daily routine

Day Ten: I am sleeping better, bouncing up in the morning and getting everyone ready for school. Helping make lunches, fixing hair, whatever needs to be done. Last school year, I was sitting on the couch waiting for everyone to fin for themselves. I just didn’t feel motivated to get going.

Day 20: I was working on the computer and something dawned on me. My back doesn’t hurt. I realized that I hadn’t even mentioned my back in days!

As of today, I have been on Thrive for 5 weeks. I feel better than I did when I was 20. In these 5 weeks, I have experienced more energy, less discomfort in my joints and back, better mood, and overall just BETTER. I feel like ME.

I even have a bonus in this story! 5 weeks in and I have lost a lot of weight! I haven’t been able to budge my weight in forever! This is changing my life, not only physically but mentally as well. Last week, I decided to become a promoter, because I was telling all my friends about it anyway! Why not work for a company that provides you with an outstanding product AND offers you the opportunity to build a business bigger than you could even dream. Le-Vel loves their promoters and it definitely shows.

Lastly, I want to say thank you Le-Vel. You have changed, not only my life, but my family too. We are all thrivin’ because of you. Yesterday, my 7 year old daughter, looked over at me, smiled and said, “You are doing great mom.” That is my most rewarding result yet.

Looking forward to what’s coming next! There is an excellent video on my site, that tells you all about Thrive. See it here: Bitsy Keown Le-Vel Brand Promoter.  If you are interested in trying a trial pack, sign up for your free customer account here, just name and email.. NO commitments, no spam! Try a Trial pack

Be the best YOU!

Bitsy    bitsy

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